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Lunara, a lunar princess, banished to earth, the worst of all places to their kind, for being the impure race that she is. broken and filled with rage Lunara roams the earth and viciously murders anyone in her path until she is found by an unlikely group to tame her bloodlust. This will be a story of hardship and many battles throughout the young Lunarian's life (Don't expect anything soon, this comic is still in development in my head and I wish to put it on paper but work plus school takes up most of my time as an online student) FlurryDancer's DA: http://flurrydancer.deviantart.com/

July 7th, 2015, 10:56 pm

Slow Posts

Due to my college plus daily life this comic will be very slow to update but I will try to upload when I can! Don't be afraid of the comic though~ Trust me the wait is worth it!~

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